4th AFU International Conference (Virtual Conference): Towards Advanced Scientific Knowledge (TASK4-2021)

TASK4-2021 is a multidisciplinary conference that covers interrelated topics. We live in crisis times (i.e., pandemics) where new emerging phenomena have made tremendous and transformative impacts on businesses, government, and society which have managerial, technological, ethical, health, social and legal implications. To address these challenges, there is a call for interdisciplinary research collaboration and efforts to understand their impacts on business and society from broader, holistic perspectives, and globally.  TASK4-2021 aims to provide a platform for researchers across the world to discuss and share ideas and findings about business challenges and new emerging phenomena from broad perspectives including but not limited to Business, Mass Communication, Psychology, Social Sciences, Statistics and Law.  

TASK4-2021 conference emphasizes this perspective of intersection between business and other fields of knowledge which offers the opportunity for research collaboration on interrelated topics between scholars from different backgrounds and fields and helps in providing innovative solutions for better business environment and society’s welfare.

More information available at https://afu.ac.ae/en/task-2021/