Vol. 19 S2 2018 - Qualitative Research: Exploring the Hidden Reality

  1. Mohamed Ishak Abdul Hamid, Nik Azahani Nik Mohammad
    Legal Literacy of Educators in Malaysia: An Empirical Study
  2. Narina A. Samah
    Battling bad weather along the way: Meaning making in narrative inquiry and its challenges 
  3. Nur Haiza Muhammad Zawawi
    Actor-Network Theory And Inter-Organizational Management Control
  4. Wannaprapha Suksawas
    The study of the genre-based approach and EFL students’ journalism writing
  5. Astrie Krisnawati, Gatot Yudoko,Yuni Ros Bangun
    Modeling An Effective Corporate Social Responsibility Based on Systems Theory and Management Functions: A Case Study in Indonesia 
  6. Rita Abdul Rahman Ramakrishna
    Using Intuitive Judgment in Qualitative Content Analysis:  Implications for Research in Varieties of English 
  7. Mohamed Shamaun Yushak, Yahya Hashim, Suh Wan Chul, Nooh Abu Bakar
    Lean Principles Reduces Resistance to Change in Transforming a Shipyard Operations
  8. Ron Fisher, Mark Francis, Andrew Thomas, Kath Mutter, Owen Jones
    Conceptions of Value as Family Resemblances: A Theoretical Model and Methodology 
  9. Aji Dedi Mulawarman, Ari Kamayanti
    Islamic Islamic accounting anthropology: a constructivist methodological alternative
  10. Lalitha Ramasamy
    Microfinance for Microenterprise: A Study on Women “Petty Traders” in Penang, Malaysia 
  11. Chang-Hee Kim, Karen Yeo
    Beyond consensus: A review of Delphi research published in scholarly social science journals 
  12. Zul Azlin Razali, Suhaila Sanip, Rabi’atul ‘Adawiyah Saad
    Mental illness portrayal in media: A Content analysis of Malaysian newspapers